Zoran Budimac

IN MEMORIAM – 1960 – 2023 (29th August 2023)

Presentation from the commemoration held at the Department of mathematics and informatics, held by Head of the Computer Science Char, prof. Dr. Vladimir Kurbalija

Serbian version of the presentation from the commemoration

Speeches from the commemoration (in Serbian):

Brief CV

Zoran Budimac was born in 1960. in Sombor, Serbia. He got the academic rank title of full professor from University of Novi Sad in 2004. He worked at Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Serbia. He was one of the best students of the first generation of Informatics studies at Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad. He was one of a few colleagues from the Department who established, lead and continuously improved modern studies in Informatics, Computer Science and Software engineering at Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad.

During his long fruitful academic career, he had a significant and essential impact and influence on study programs, innovations, and scientific work with young colleagues and assistants for informatics part of Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Sciences. As a creative and visionary person, he persistently insisted on the introduction of world standards into educational and teaching processes. All these activities were based on several important and influential international projects and cooperation with recognized numerous European Universities. His academic network and cooperation with international institutions and colleagues encompasses more than 20 countries all over the world. He is meritorious for getting first big international projects in the field of Computer Science and Informatics at Faculty of Sciences.

He has published more than 300 research papers in the areas of Agent technologies, Software engineering, Learning technologies, 16 books, one international monograph and presented his work at more than 180 international conferences. He also delivered numerous invited speeches at different Universities all over the world (Austria, Australia, Bulgaria, China, Germany, Hungary, Thailand, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, and so on). He was principal investigator of numerous big national and international projects.

During his fruitful academic career, he was a member of different important Faculty and University bodies. For a long period, he served as the Head of several Computer Laboratories and the Head of Chair of computer science, a member of University council for Informatics and member of Management committee of an international journal. In the last ten years his scientific interests were in various aspects of software quality.

He was an adored and outstanding teacher, excellent scientists, but also exceptional person with a specific sense of humor.

More significant publications can be found at: https://dblp.org/pid/84/4555.html and https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=XCFzG2cAAAAJ&hl=en

A few opinions among many similar, from his colleagues and students

Professor Budimac was a great and exceptional professor, a man with an open mind and “big heart”, with a unique sense of humor, and an intellectual par excellence. It was an honor for me to know him, to gain professional knowledge and life experiences from him.

An Ex Student

There was and always will be the only one Budimac….

An Ex Student

I know very few people in this world who are so smart that you feel privileged when you are with them, and pleasant and witty that you can’t wait to be with them again — Zoran was one of those rare people.

An Ex Student

…Beyond the professional realm, Zoran was a cherished, long-time friend. He infused the SQAMIA community with his delightful sense of humor and played a pivotal role in ensuring the ongoing success of our engaging conferences. I hope that SQAMIA is continuing….


He left from our lives too early, but he will never go out from our hearts and memories.

Colleagues from Institute of Informatics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Maribor

It was such a shock to hear that Zoran will not come to our DAAD workshop, that he will never come in the future. It took some time to realize what happened and I missed him so much! I met Zoran first time more than 30 years ago and then so many times at different places. His humor and his smile … and his comments … Without him all our fruitful DAAD meetings at the different Balkan countries would never have happened.

Professor from Humboldt University

Nemam zborovi so koi možam da napišam kolku mi e žal za vašata zaguba. Premnogu ke ni nedosastuva profesorot i negoviot vedar duh. Retko se ragja takva osoba.

Colleague from University of Skopje, North Macedonia

This is a substantial loss for the whole Serbian IT community. We will remember him as an extraordinary person and for his significant scientific contribution recognized worldwide.

Colleague from Belgrade

Photos from his international visits

Photos from the memorial held at SQAMIA 2023

Zoran was the founder of SQAMIA series of Workshops – a presentation was held during the workshop to commemorate his life and contributions.

Memorial at DAAD Workshop „The impact of pandemic years to informatics education: review and next steps“

Zoran was an initiator of DAAD collaboration with Humboldt University. A memorial was held at the end of the opening presentation at the 2023 DAAD workshop.

Zoran Budimac memorial slides (pptx); Complete introdution presentation.