Center for Mathematical Research in Nonlinear Phenomena

Center of great value for the study of nonlinear mathematical phenomena has been designated as a Center of great value by the decision of the National Council for Science and the Ministry Department of Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia in May 2008, by the proposal of the Accreditation Commission of the Ministry.

The activity in the Center  is primarily scientific and it integrates the work of three research groups at the Department of Mathematics and Informatics:

  • Group for Analysis, Probability and Geometry,
  • Group for Numerical Mathematics and
  • Groups for forcing model theory and set theoretical logic.

The work of the Centre is conducted through scientific and other projects, international cooperation, seminars, conferences and through work with young researchers. The Center also has an important role in the organization of courses at the doctoral level at the University of Novi Sad.

The Center was founded by professor Stevan Pilipović, corresponding member of SASA, professor Nataša Krejić and professor Milos Kurilić. The Head of the Centre is Professor Stevan Pilipović. Professor Natasa Krejic is the coordinator of scientific activities.

The official presentation of the  Center