Library of the Department of Mathematics and Informatics has over 30 000 books and journals in all areas of mathematics, which are available to students and scientists. Thanks to extended international contacts it is regularly procured with numerous scientific magazines from all around the world, which facilitates informing about the latest scientific developments.

In addition to the library there is a reading-room which allows students to study during the whole day. Teachers and students at the PhD level have their own reading-rooms and seminar rooms. The Department of Mathematics and Informatics has developed the library information system (BISIS ), which is connected to the Internet. Library users can, by using it, always, and from any location, search the library contents.


Room 17A, Ground DMI

Opening hours for users

From 7:30 to 15:30, every day (in summer from 8:00 to 12:30)


Contents of the Library can be used by students, employees and other citizens by presenting a personal identification.


Svetlana Bavrlić, Librarian

For all information about the library and other ways of obtaining he library materials, you can come in person, contact the Library by phone: (021) 485-2818 or via email at: