Dobitnici "Charles Broyden Prize" nagrade

Članovi našeg kolektiva prof. dr Nataša Krejić i prof. dr Zorana Lužanin dobitnici su nagrade "Charles Broyden Prize" za rad: Nataša Krejić, Zorana Lužanin, Zoran Ovcin & Irena Stojkovska, "Descent direction method with line search for unconstrained optimization in noisy environment",  Optimization Methods and Software journal (vol. 30, No. 6, 1164–1184, 2015).

"The jury, composed of F. Bonnans, M. Fukushima, N. Sahinidis, Ph. Toint (chair) and Y. Yuan, was impressed by an in depth treatment of unconstrained noisy optimization, a subject combining theoretical interest and an extremely widespread relevance in a large number of applications. The authors have considered at the same time the algorithmic aspects extending the usefulness of the stochastic approximation technique, the probabilistic convergence theory properties associated with the proposed methods, detailed exposition of implementation issues (well in line with the journal's policy) and promising numerical results. These are also served by a good bibliography and a very clear writing style."


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