FS Wireless

There are three wireless networks in the building of FS:


  • PMFx
  • UNS

Wireless networks PMFx (where x is the number of access points) is an open network which anyone can access and use the services for surfing and email.


UNS wireless network is intended for employees of the University and to use it, it is necessary to own a FS account. When a user attaches to the UNS access point he/she  should to open a web browser and try to open a web page. It is necessary to set the proxy server to "Automatic proxy discovery" in the Internet Browser. At this point, the ARMUNS portal login page whill appear, in which the user should enter their FS username / password.


EDUROAM Wireless network (education roaming) is the secure, world wide wireless service developed for the international research and education communities. It allows  students, researchers and staff of the participating institutions the internet access within the campus and when visiting other institutions participating in the project.