VPN (Virtual Private Network) access is intended for users of computer network of the Faculty of Science and it enables user to use local services when he/she is outside of the local network, for example, at home, from other universities, hotels, airports, etc..

Using VPN service of Faculty of Sceince remote user gets the opportunity to:

  • Use KoBSON
  • update Sophos Anti Virus program
  • get FTP access to personal web pages
  • access  local services of FS

Prerequisites for using VPN service of FS

The user must have a valid user account on the server of the Faculty of Science computer network.


Limitations of FS VPN service

Launching a VPN makes it the main Internet connection on your computer. This means that all those services that otherwise would not work on the local network will also not work after establishing FS VPN connections (torrent, P2P ...).
Also, web browser software must be properly configured.