Integrated Academic Studies

Two-subject science teaching, mathematics and Informatics


This is an integrated program of five academic years and it is adapted to the current legislation on the employment of teachers in primary and secondary schools and in line with the policy reform of higher education in the Republic of Serbia.

The curriculum is organized in a modular way and it consists of seven separate modules:


  1. Biology and Chemistry,
  2. Physics and Chemistry,
  3. Biology and Geography
  4. Geography and Informatics
  5. Physics and Informatics,
  6. Physics and Mathematics and
  7. Mathematics and Informatics.

Each module is formed of blocks of common subjects and two more blocks of subjects from certain scientific and technical areas which student chooses. Elective block consists of subjects from all scientific areas and it is common to all modules. During the studies, the student is required to complete at least 300 ECTS (60 ECTS per academic year, 30 ECTS per semester), of which at least 90 ECTS (30%) are elective subjects.


Depending on the selected individual module, after completition of the study program students acquire the title of master teacher of two-course studies (modules: Biology and Chemistry, Biology and Geography, Physics and Chemistry, Geography and Informatics, Physics and Informatics, Physics and Mathematics, Mathematics and Informatics).

Experts who complete this degree program are qualified to:


  • work as two-subject teachers in the fields of natural sciences in primary and secondary vocational education,
  • work in the educational and scientific institutions with legally approved positions,
  • work as professionals