Program Description

Study programme Informatics - PhD is a PhD in computer science at the University of Novi Sad, and it is performed at the Faculty of Sciences in Novi Sad. The study program offers to students the latest scientific knowledge in the field of Informatics and follows the latest achievements in science. The curriculum is aligned with the European standards in terms of entry requirements, duration of studies, the conditions of transition to the next year, graduation and types of study. The total value of the study  is 180 ECTS credits, and after completing studies student becomes Doctor of Science - Computer Science of a third degree.


The curriculum is divided into three years (6 semesters) during which the student takes 8 subjects, attend 4 seminars and write a doctoral dissertation. In each of the first four semesters, student attends four subjects and attends one seminar, and the third year of studies(fifth and sixth semester) is dedicated to writing of a doctoral dissertation. At the enrollment, each student gets an advisor whohelps him, until the selection of a mentor,  in selecting of courses and articulation of his scientific preferences.
The seminar represents themed oriented specialized form of teaching which is performed in agreement with the students, and it is the basis for independent student research. Through seminars, a PhD student is initiated in the research which leads to writing of doctoral dissertation. At the beginning of the school year cathedras publish a list of doctoral seminars which are organized in that school year. The exam is taken by the defense of the seminar paperwork or other form of activity that can be recognized as equivalent (eg  declaration at the press conference).

The doctoral dissertation is the student's independent research labor and the third year of studies is devoted to its creating. To start the process of writing of doctoral dissertation, a PhD student has to get at least 180 ECTS points, an he must have passed the required exams from the first two years of studies, he also has to have a labor accepted for publication in a journal from SCI list. To access the oral elaboration of the doctoral dissertation, a PhD student, in addition to the requirements of the previous paragraph must have one labor accepted for publication in a journal from SCIlist that relates to the research of the doctoral dissertation.


The purpose of the study program

The purpose of the study program Informatics – PhD studies is education of staff trained for independent research in the field of computer science, as well as critical assessment of the research in this and related fields. Successful students of this program will be the support for the formation of young scientists at universities and science institutes, and other institutions and businesses subjects in which the realization of research and development projects involves modeling of the problem with using the contemporary achievements in the field of computer science. This encourages the development of science, as well as the introduction of new information technologies that contribute to the overall development of the society, in accordance with a clear orientation of the Republic of Serbia to the structure of the information society.


The aim of the study program

The aim of the study program is acquiring of a detailed understanding and profound knowledge of the latest trends in the area of Informatics, as well as introductionto the structure of the scientific research process, and the skills which are necessary for effective preparation, publication and presentation of the results of scientific research according to international standards in computer science. This will enable the doctoral student for independent scientific work. Study program directs students to the latest knowledge in the field of theoretical computer science, to a combinatorial, probabilistic, algebraic and coalgebraic mathematical models of computing processes, but also to current trends in the design of complex information systems.