Schneider Electric DMS NS

Careers in DMS


Schneider Electric DMS NS Ltd. for power engineering, Novi Sad is a high-tech engineering software company engaged in research, development and software engineering in electrical systems – distribution management system (DMS). This company is also a part of a scientific research park of the University of Novi Sad. There are nearly 600 employees and it operates projects practically on every continent.


Schneider Electric DMS NS is a company which provides continuous opportunities to widen knowledge as well as opportunities for progress in career and professional development at home and abroad, within the affairs of the company. Schneider Electric DMS NS is a strategic partner with Microsoft, and this partnership includes access to the latest Microsoft technologies, Microsoft courses and Microsoft certificates. 


We invite all interested students of the Faculty of Sciences in Novi Sad who enrolled in the fourth or fifth year of undergraduate studies and who want to work within the field of DMS IT project, essay, bachelor / master thesis, which actually includes all areas of software engineering.


  • Database,
  • .NET programming,
  • Writing mathematical algorithms,
  • Artifical inteligence,
  • Data Mining,
  • Cloud computing,
  • Distributed systems,
  • Real time systems,
  • Web, …

and all related to the working scope of the company. In this way, students can gain practical knowledge in the field of high technology education of areas that they study. In preparing for any of these projects/works, students will be assigned a mentor from the Faculty of Science.


Schneider Electric DMS NS company, apart from conducting these projects and works, also provides:


  • Student internships,
  • Scholarships (different levels of scholarships depending on the level of engagement and the student's knowledge).

All these activities mean that students who show deeper interest demonstrate required level of knowledge and skills will be employed in the Schneider Electric Company DMS NS after graduation. Here, they would be able to apply the knowledge acquired during studies complemented by lessons learned during the development of the above-mentioned works and projects.


More information can be found on the company's website Questions, additional inquires and application forms should be mailed to the address