Mathematics is interesting in two different ways: it is an expression of ideas which are fascinating and beautiful by themselves, and it facilitates understanding of the phenomena of the outside world, not only physical but also industrial, economic, biological, linguistic, musical and other laws.

Mathematics greatly develops imagination,  teaches logical thinking and precise articulation of thoughts.

Many discoveries in mathematics have come to being out of the need to solve certain practical problems. The great strength of mathematics lays in ability to reduce complex problems to mathematical formulas from which accurate or approximate solutions are derived.

Even thought it is one of the oldest sciences, mathematics has a constant need for the development of new mathematical methods, which means that mathematics has an important place among modern scientific disciplines. As a result, the mathematician of today has wide possibilities for the application of his knowledge.

Informatics is on of the youngest sciences and it is closely related to mathematics. Along with the development of computer technology the boundaries of human knowledge are expanding with almost unimaginable pace. Modern life and business cannot be imagined without computers, so the need for experts in this field grows on daily basis.

Mathematicians and computer scientists are currently among the rare professionals who do not have employment problems. Our graduates have proven themselves as extraordinary experts in research institutes, computer centers, schools, banks, insurance companies, industrial companies and software companies. At the Department we pay a lot of attention to the inclusion of students in scientific research.